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Jessica patchworkgirl at cooke.net
Tue Mar 16 15:53:41 PST 2004

I would love to learn to knit a snood... really what I'd like is just the shape that I'd need (would a round lacy circle with a means of tightening it work?) and I've got plenty of sources for lace patterns that I could use... probably would cast on a small number of stitches, join into a circle and work round and round, increasing and yarn-overing until I get what I need...



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On 03/15/2004 at 10:23 PM KRISTINE KEENEY wrote:

>  I started crochet to make snoods  - I could see no
>reason to pay the hu-normous prices charged at Ren
>Faires and such just to keep my hair together. That
>taught me how to go around in circles. I'm *really*
>good at going in circles!
>  Then I started to make scarves - long skinny
>rectangles. Ok. I got good at rectangles. Really,
>really LONG rectangles. 
>  A friend challenged me to make a crocheted wrap -
>basically a big rectangle with a slit up the middle
>for poncho-like style. (I know, there's a name for
>them but can't remember it right now...) I've finished
>the first big rectangle, then couldn't keep the
>tension for the second and gave up. 
>  The doc now wants me to do at least three rows of
>crochet a day to build up the strength in my hands.
>Now I have a decent therapy that's fun to do! No more
>  My goal is to one day be able to play with TWO
>needles instead of just one... and learn to spin, and
>play with a loom, and.....
>  As for 'finding' more fiber? My mother brought back
>some pretty roving and spun stuff from a fiber fest in
>Colorado and some nifty things from Guatamala. It's so
>nice to have family that understands....
>  Thanks for the words of support. I don't feel like
>I'm a noodge anymore.
>  Best thoughts,
>   Kristine (Cassandra) 
>> Hi Cassandra:
>> I'm glad you let us know what you're doing... I
>> enjoy making squares.  Most 
>> of what I knit are squares.  THe sweater is the
>> first thing I've knit that 
>> wasn't square or rectangular.... Actually the
>> sweater is sorta squareish.
>> Seriously.. Everything I knit is square.  I'm
>> totally envious of people who 
>> actually knit.  (like Audette when she isn't falling
>> on the floor.)  I make 
>> lots of squares.
>> As for your fiber.... the only thing to do is get
>> more then no one will see 
>> that you don't have a shelf under it. (grin).
>> Regards,
>> Clare 
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