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This was on one of my fiber pages.  Scottish Black face is an old breed and
one that people in period would have used.  It is a rougher weave (I've spun
some) and does make for a hardy thread (i.e. rug stuff).  In case anyone
would like to pursue spinning from period sheep.

I also have the info on another shepherd who is selling Shetland which is a
lovely fleece in a variety of colours.  If you like that one (It's a longer
e-mail) I can add that one.

I've ordered fleece online from breeders and never have had a problem with
any of them.  They are very proud of their fleeces and would hate to have a
problem with them.  



"My wife and I raise Scottish Blackface sheep on our farm in Lapeer,
Michigan. Our wool is now Certified Naturally Grown. Scotties are a heritage
breed prevalent on the hills of Ireland, Scotland and Great Britain.
Scotties grow sturdy white wool that can reach the ground by spring.

We have raw fleeces available from our woolies that range from 3-7 lbs
each. We do our best to keep our woolies free from VM but there is
always a certain amount to deal with. Our customers say our fleeces
wash up very well. The textures range from a little crimp to straight
course fibers. We charge $5.50 a pound plus shipping. We ship to Canada too.
Let us know how much you want and we will bill you through Pay Pal all you
need is an email account. If you are looking for durable distinctive fleece
you need to try Scottish Blackface. SBF fleece is a premium rug and carpet
wool. It stands up to traffic and it accepts dye well too. In the UK the
best SBF wool is used in making Harris Tweed jackets. It is also prized as
mattress stuffing and furniture stuffing because it holds up so well. All
fleeces are white.

Paul & Marj Weideman
Mirror Lake Farm
Lapeer, MI 48446" 


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