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Sun Apr 9 14:34:48 PDT 2000

I want to be there. Poo!

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000 20:47:00 EDT StephenMacthomas at writes:
> Greetings to all good gentle lords and ladies to whom these presents 
> shall 
> come from Lord Stephen Macthomas, patron and student of all things 
> bardic.
> This coming Tuesday, April 11, at Stargate's combined fighter 
> practice, the 
> bardic community of the Coastal and Southern Regions are invited to 
> come 
> together for the first in a series of bardic circles to be held the 
> second 
> Tuesday of every month at the University of Houston site.  These 
> circles will 
> be informal and fun, entertaining and educational for all.  Anything 
> bardic 
> is welcome, from jongleurs to jugglers, and all ages are encouraged 
> to come 
> and participate.
> On a side note, the second Tuesday is also the evening that the 
> Stargate 
> Homemaker's Guild holds its meetings at the combined fighter 
> practice.  All 
> are also invited to come participate in the Guild meeting each month 
> (and be 
> entertained by some of the finest bards in all Ansteorra!).
> If any have questions or need directions, you may direct them to me 
> privately 
> at stephenmacthomas at or by calling me at home.  The number's 
> in the 
> April Black Star under Gate's Edge.
> I hope to see many of you out this Tuesday!
> In service to the bards of Stargate,
> Lord Stephen
> P.S.  In addition to the Bardic Circle and Homemakers' Guild 
> Meeting, the 
> Stargate combined fighter practice will also feature, yes, fighting. 
>  It's 
> never too early to prepare for war, my lords and ladies, and it's 
> always the 
> right time to come have fun.
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