Bards - A bit of Ansteorran History

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Thu Apr 27 05:28:57 PDT 2000

> Erasimierz Waspanieski                              4 March 78

The founding Baron of Bjornsborg

> Clare RosMuire St. John                             4 March 78

Pelican & Laurel, still active in Bryn Gwlad

> Tessa of the Gardens                                4 March 78
> Simon of  Amber, called Mountaingate                4 March 78

Our last Prince & Princess, the founding Baron & Baroness
of Bordermarch, still active there.

> Andeleon du Axegarth                                4 March 78

The first man knighted in the Principality of Ansteorra.  Lives
in Steppes last I heard, sometimes comes out.

> Gwylym y Fferill-o-Caer Lleuad                      4 March 78

The late Master Gwylym was known as a "laurel's laurel".

> Balthazar of Endor                                  5 March 78

One of our early knights, Simonn was his squire.

> S'Utcha ta Nuit, Neb, Meri en Heh,  aka Lord Michael of the Valar

The Valar was a household back in the early days.

Interesting list!

- Galen of Bristol

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