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Fri Apr 28 12:45:57 PDT 2000

>A Bardic Weekend... I would love to see stages set up where bards,
>musicians, duets, theatric groups, and jugglers could perform their art,
>getting MORE than the average 3.5 minutes to do it in.  Let people sign up
>for blocks of time on a stage, and let folk wander back and forth between
>the stages.  Let them pick what they want to hear, maybe doing a little
>merchant shopping in between stages.
>This would be great if we could combine it with something else that would
>draw people without competing for their attention.  (Hey, all bards love an
>audience!)  Fighting is right out, but I was thinking food.  A hands-on
>symposium on cooking feasts.  I've bounced the idea off a few of the
>kingdom's cooks and they liked it.

E>I love this idea.  A feast cooking symposium....with stages set up for
E>entertaining while we have samples and samples of food.  Sounds like heaven.

Well, if my lady's comment is anything to judge by, Robert might be on to
something. ;)

>It would be nice to have bardic classes, but I think they would interfere
>with the dynamics, make the audiences too small.  Still, I'd love to have
>one class there.  One on "How to Read Modern Sheet Music".  Anyone here have
>any experience teaching this?  I could work something up myself, but I'd
>love a experienced teacher...  Even if we don't have a Bardic Weekend, I'm
>going to hold this class SOMEwhere, some day.

I love going to Bardic Workshops, but the problem always seems to be that three
of the classes I want to attend overlap.  I agree that adding a lot of bardic
classes might detract from what you described, but How about only having three
bardic classes staggered throughout the day?

Maybe theme them and the feast classes... something like Modern ways to 'fudge'*
things historical.  ;)

*chocolate references included for humor not cruelty.
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