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I was at our local bardic gathering and was introduces to a new bard. He
comes from the Holy land and I mean he comes  from the modern Holy land.
He was telling stories from the bible. He was wonderful. Later he did
poems in Hebrew. It was very interesting to hear the poetry in its own
language and it was interesting  to note that his original English poems
had the same feel.  The cadence of poetry gets ruin when we translate it.
It is very important to here some of a cultures works in the proper
language. If anyone is going to Elfsea I would be very interested in
hearing more works in their original language especially some of the
Latin works. Please! 

I was also wondering. Are any of you willing to learn some of the old
history tales.  I would be willing to spend some time sharing some of my
Also do any of you bards in Stargate know the names of the people who
first started Stargate.  I know that when I came to Texas there were
three people in the Steppes, Lord Robert LaHinge,  Lord Steven of Shadow
Keep, and John of the Rudder. There was a splinter group under Brad
Bishop,  that was his mundane name, but they weren't part of the Steppes.
I was told that there were about 20 people in Stargate at the time. I
knew of Tarl and Arlene but I am not sure of the others. Houston make my
asthma go off the scale so it has always been hard for me to get there.

Willow de Wisp
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