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Dear Willow,

Philippa Rookhaven sends greetings. As Historian of the Stargate, I have been
collecting information about Stargate's early history for a long time.

The following is an excerpt from a short history of the Stargate that I wrote a
few years ago. It mentions a number of the people who were early members of the

"In AS VII (1972) a group of nine people gathered to create the first SCA
branch in Texas. They had an All Hallow’s Eve revel in the back yard and garage
apartment of one of the participants. These people became the Starholders of
Stargate. The Stargate Star has 9 points to honor these founding members. The
only one of these original nine who still plays today is Bran de Tintrac. Other
Starholders were Mryddin ap Rhys and Shanahan Stormbearer. Dierdre du Clarik
missed the meeting but joined the group immediately and so is also counted as a
founding member.

At that time it was customary to create the first branch in new area as a
barony. Therefore Stargate has always been a barony. For sometime Stargate was
known as “that Barony in Texas.”

Stargate’s first tourney was held in AS VIII (1973) in a cow pasture outside of
Bryan. It was fought by torchlight. A duke was present, so a march of
precedence was held. We often held these marches in the old days where everyone
who had an award of arms was called before the thrones by name and presented to
the court. This could usually be accomplished in about 30 minutes.

So seldom did anyone of rank visit our little group that the arrival of a
dignitary from the far reaches of our kingdom was an important occasion. The
king occasionally sent emissaries with awards to present or sometimes even the
authority to create awards on the spot. The king himself never came.

One such occasion was a revel in AS VII (1974). Court was held by Sir Michael
of Moria, Baron Atenveldt who was Seneschal of Atenveldt at the time. At this
event Deidre du Clarik was made the first Laurel of Ansteorra.

Our first baron was Mryddin ap Rhys. He was invested in Meridies. He held his
first court in Stargate in  October AS VIII (1974).

Stargate’s first yule revel was held that year as well.

Sir Tarl Mapt became our second Baron in AS XI (1977). His lady, Arlene the
Soother, became Baroness at a later date. One month before this event was held
the event steward (autocrat) still was not sure where the event would be held.
The event was known as the Kolache Tournament.

Sir Tarl’s first baronial court was held 3 months later. At this event the
first Pearl of Great Price was given to Lady Ivivis of Cornwall. It is recorded
that Lady Tambryln Shauti provided “exotic entertainment” accompanied by
recorder and harp. I’m sure this means she bellydanced.

A low-key event that was a favorite for many years was first held in September
AS XII (1977). Its official title was “The First Annual Greater Stargate
Military Conflagration, Elf Stomp, Adult Titillation and Last Chance to Sweat
Labor Day Tournament.” It was held at the Texas Renaissance Festival site and
featured, a list, swimming, clinch-a-wench, a bardic circle, melees, a medieval
bathing attire contest, a court of love, a comely limb contest, a kissing
contest, a contest of insults, and other assorted frivolities. Master Lloyd von
Eaker was declared Grand Poohbah and High Mucktymuck."

Some other people who were in Stargate before William and I arrived, in AS XII,
were Karl de Gangr, Kasilda Kubasik, Robert Helmannstahl, Katherine von
Hildrezhausen, Ian Asteroth of Skye, Xerax the Repetative, Nerak La Tissarande,
Melusine Whitcroft, Balthazar of Endor, Tivar Moondragon, Janet Shadowhawke,
and Telebyrne Morningstar. None of these were Starholders, but certainly were
early players. I am sure I have left some out, but these are the ones who come
to mind immediately. I have purposely left off titles, because most of them
have different titles now than they did when I met them.

I have probably given you more information than you wanted to know, but
.....historians are like that.


jonwillowpel at wrote:

> I was at our local bardic gathering and was introduces to a new bard. He
> comes from the Holy land and I mean he comes  from the modern Holy land.
> He was telling stories from the bible. He was wonderful. Later he did
> poems in Hebrew. It was very interesting to hear the poetry in its own
> language and it was interesting  to note that his original English poems
> had the same feel.  The cadence of poetry gets ruin when we translate it.
> It is very important to here some of a cultures works in the proper
> language. If anyone is going to Elfsea I would be very interested in
> hearing more works in their original language especially some of the
> Latin works. Please!
> I was also wondering. Are any of you willing to learn some of the old
> history tales.  I would be willing to spend some time sharing some of my
> stories.
> Also do any of you bards in Stargate know the names of the people who
> first started Stargate.  I know that when I came to Texas there were
> three people in the Steppes, Lord Robert LaHinge,  Lord Steven of Shadow
> Keep, and John of the Rudder. There was a splinter group under Brad
> Bishop,  that was his mundane name, but they weren't part of the Steppes.
> I was told that there were about 20 people in Stargate at the time. I
> knew of Tarl and Arlene but I am not sure of the others. Houston make my
> asthma go off the scale so it has always been hard for me to get there.
> Yours
> Willow de Wisp
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