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Greetings Lucais from Kyleena,
   Thankyou for posting your reply to the "Lion in Winter" question. I'm 
glad that you lost the address,otherwise I would have gone my whole life 
through wondering if the quest was still afoot or ended. I have been trying 
to free up some time enough to look for myself...
"inquiring minds want to know" too!
    AND, since we are on the topic of show tunes, my son (Patrick) has 
recently asked if I could find the words to the intro song of the movie 
TWELTH NIGHT.  He says that they are sung by a jester. I grabbed up my 
Shakespear and found them not....Does anyone else know??

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>Regarding the request for information about the song Alais sings in the
>"Lion in Winter", sorry I misplaced your private e-mail so I am posting to
>the list.
>Here's what I have found out:
>This information is from the script of the March, 1966 New York City
>production of the play presented at the Ambassador Theater, directed by 
>William (with Suzanne Grossmann playing the King of France's sister, Alais
>Capet).  This version is somewhat different from the film version.  The 
>is from Act II, Scene 1.  The script is very brief and is untitled in the
>"The Christmas wine is in the pot,
>The Christmas coals are red.
>I'll spend the day the lovers' way
>Unwrapping all my gifts in bed.
>The Christmas Goose is on the spit,
>The Christmas..."
>The script ends here.
>My hunch is that this is not a period song, but rather written for the 
>While the "Lion in Winter" is an all time favorite of mine, it has many
>historical shortcomings, especially regarding Christmas traditions.  The
>time of this play is circa 1183, Chinon, France.  During this period it
>would not have been referred to as "Christmas", but rather the 12 nights of
>epiphany.  Christmas, or Christ's Mass, was actually the first of the 12
>days.   The term "Christmas" used as the name of the holiday season did not
>occur until a few centuries later.  Also, feasting for Christmas and family
>dinners did not occur until the 17th and 18th century in England (closer 
>more accurately portrayed in Dickens "A Christmas Carol," but hardly the
>practice in 1183 France).
>For further information, you may wish to track down a copy of the shooting
>script for the film version.  I understand from Mistress Rosalynde that
>there are extensive preface notes with much historical data.
>Some further trivia...the writer of the play, William Goldman, also wrote
>"Lord of the Flies" and "the Princess Bride".
>Hope this is useful,
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