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Lilas MacGuffin leighscott at
Fri Mar 3 21:26:28 PST 2000

>recently asked if I could find the words to the intro song of the movie
>TWELTH NIGHT.  He says that they are sung by a jester. I grabbed up my
>Shakespear and found them not....Does anyone else know??

There is no intro song to Twelfth Night in the original Shakespeare. The 
first line of the first scene is Orsino's famous "If music be the food of 
love, play on." Feste doesn't even enter the play until Act 1, Scene 5. If 
you are referring to the most recent version of the movie, I think I 
remember a song being ADDED to the beginning. If he wants the words, I think 
he'll have to transcribe them from the video itself, or find a copy of the 
MOVIE script.

Hope I've been of help!
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