Bards - Elfsea SpringFaire

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at
Mon Mar 20 18:44:00 PST 2000

Galen of Bristol here!

By all means, welcome to the gypsies at SpringFaire.  If the outgoing
Baron & Baroness say it's OK, have a great time!  Late arrivals on
Friday will still find plenty of fun awaiting them to make the trip worth-

But... I am the incoming Baron of Elfsea, and one of my first decisions
will be to choose the new Bard of Elfsea, in a competition most likely
to be held around a fire on Saturday night after court.  I am a former
Bard of Ansteorra, of Elfsea, and of Dragonsfire Tor.  When I choose
the first person who will be bard of my court, it will be with that
in mind.  Bring your best stuff; I'm not aware of any theme to the
but check the event flyer in the Black Star and from the site at

My personal ego, not to mention the stature of my barony, demand the very
best of bards.  Is that you?  Come show me.

- Galen of Bristol
Baron-Elect of Elfsea

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