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Wed Mar 22 19:04:42 PST 2000

This is my first post to this list, I recently just rejoined the SCA after
an absence of 6 years.  Recently I have been in contact with a few of the
old bards of Ansteorra.  One in particular I asked about their reputation
for being a part of the authenticity police.  The response I got was one
that I would like to share.  Namely, that they remembered when bards in the
SCA performed the worst kind of filk and nobody got recognition for their
efforts.  When people started performing more "period" pieces, bards started
getting recognition and awards.

Those of us of this current generation of bards owe a debt that we may not
be aware of.  I can't imagine an SCA where bards aren't respected.  That is
one of the things that stuck with me and made me come back.  That the SCA
knows how to treat bards.

Would the bards of the list that have been in the SCA a long time please
share such stories with us?  I know that this story made me want to strive
even harder to keep the ideal alive that they started.  Who knows what these
stories and tales could mean to the new generation.  It is easier to live up
to traditions when you understand why they are in place.  I know that I
won't object to being asked to write more period pieces now.  I understand,
and that makes all the difference...


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