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Wed May 10 15:47:38 PDT 2000

I think it would be a blast to hold it as it's own event. I know this hasn't 
been done in quite some time. It would seem we need other activities for 
those whoe are, how would you say... 'Bardicly challenged'. I tire of our 
forum for the highest bardic honor in Ansteorra, being tacked on to another 
event as an after thought. Maybe a Bardic Academy, with classes challenges 
and of course the main event (I envision Banners list ropes and heralds 
wearing tabbards anouncing the competitors). we could even have combat 
tourneys, with a requirement of being "barded" onto the field some time 
durring the day. Wether the fighter did it themselves or hired a bard to do 
it for them. OK so i may be a bit ambitious, but hey why shouldn't I be?

>Ulf Gunnarsson Asked:

>(Have YOU written a patriotic piece for your kingdom lately?)

Why yes I have two or three actually, here is one of my favorites, A Poem:

The Black Star Calls

Many years we've seen it there, Upon the polished crown.
It leads us through the tempest eye like an angel come to ground.
Borne by warriors, hero's all, A heavy burden on their brows
It bids us GO! Defeat Trimaris! It's the Black Star calls us now!

Its battle march we feel at night, heard within our blood and bone
Unaware we face the east, as to see our foe within their home
A battle cry comes to our hearts like a lion's mighty roar
In rank and file we march as kin, as the Black Star goes to War

Now A.S. XXVII heard, the call to take up arms
>From myth and lore the army rose like a marching deadly swarm
All dressed in gold the sunset flew unto that eastern field
Their swords and armor ready now and the Black Star was their shield

The shield walls formed upon the plane, our King he went before.
The Prince remained to call "Advance!" and to open battle's door.
A golden tide we swept the land, and claimed the day our own
We rejoiced then in our victory, and the Black Star led us home

Worn and tiered we traveled home, with tales of battle told
In one years time we'd fight again, and history unfold
Now many years we've traveled there, unto the battle plain
In spring we form and march once more, as the Black Star calls again

At hearth and home we sharpen swords, and battle plans are made
Our battle standard in our minds, its glory will not fade
It knows our hearts, We hero's all. It calls upon our vow
It bids us "Go, defeat Trimaris!" It's the Black Star calls us now

Hl Darius of the Bells
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