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Lucais du Belier (mka Larry E. Bishop) LucaisduBelier at
Thu May 11 07:33:06 PDT 2000

Gretings to the List from Lucais:

> Do any of you have preferences to state here?  Mix it with another event
> have it on its own?  One day or weekend?  Stand up comedy allowed? (Just
> kidding.  That one takes place whenever bards gather...)

Wiesenfeuer sponsored the last Eistedfodd at Yule Revel.  It may be nice to
rotate the event to another part of the Kingdom this year.

It is a full day activity, so if it's scheduled at another event, we need to
be careful what it's scheduled against.  I'd love to see the Eistedfodd held
outside around a campfire rather than in a hall.  However that has a lot to
do with weather.  I realize that often impacts acoustics, etc., but it is
really a plus for ambiance.

Stand-up commedy should be reserved for Court.  (just kidding, that was
always my best venue.)


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