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Bella elvenwolf at
Thu May 18 07:24:58 PDT 2000

A good bard never misses a chance for a shameless plug for an upcoming event
in their area. <grin> Good work Robert. 

Speaking of which. Last call for teachers for the bardic collegium next month
at Eldern Baronial. And please, if you have agreed to teach, e-mail me once
more with confirmation that you will still be able to make it, and your final
plans for the classes you will be teaching. The flyeers will be making rounds
at upcoming events, so I want to get everything firmed up now. 


>>  I Also Need information about Past Titled Bards throughout our kingdom I

>> already have the List for the Barony Of Elfsea and the Shire Of 
>> information on the past title Bards of Other groups is hard to come by. if

>> any of you have any information on a List of your groups present and Past

>> Titeled Bards and possibly a list of whos Been Priemer Bard in this kingdom

>> it would be a great help.
>The titled Bards for Northkeep are:
>1.  Willow 
>2.  Ld. Kerian O'Connacht
>3.  H.L. Robert Fitzmorgan
>4.  H.L. Ismet al Din Bithiah
>5.  Ld. Puck Oneshoe
>6.  H.L. Rhinnon Redwolf
>7.  H.L. Robert Fitzmorgan
>8.  Finnegan   -   I'm not sure how to spell the full name or what awards he

>9.  Ld. Gurin Koko-nido
>10. H.E. Athelstan  -  Not sure of the spelling.  
>We will be choosing our 11th bard in just over 2 weeks.
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