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Fri May 19 00:17:40 PDT 2000

Thank You so very very much Timothy and everyone else who has been sending
me things.
Boy I'm going to be busy this weekend. thanks.. and keep sending me things
it keeps me busy which helps keep me out of truble


> On Thursday, May 18, 2000 2:21 AM, Margaret Risher
> [SMTP:Ldy_Simone at] wrote:
> > One is a new section The Bards Gallery It is a section Dedicated to all
> the
> > Bards Of Ansteorra. A place were any Bard in the kingdom Can showcase
> there
> > work. If you would Like to Be included in the Gallery What I would Like
> > get is a Breif Personna Biography, Pictures If you have them, and the
> Works
> > you have done that you would Like showcassed and a note if you want
> > works added to the on line Bard Book which will be able to be accessed
> > line as well as downloaded
> >
> I will be getting you some info in due course, not right now though. :)
> > I Also Need information about Past Titled Bards throughout our kingdom I
> > already have the List for the Barony Of Elfsea and the Shire Of
> Mooneshadow.
> > information on the past title Bards of Other groups is hard to come by.
> > any of you have any information on a List of your groups present and
> > Titeled Bards and possibly a list of whos Been Priemer Bard in this
> kingdom
> > it would be a great help.
> Let me help as I can.  I am currently the Bard of Mendersham, there have
> been only two Bards of Mendersham before me and those are as follows :
> 1) Mistress Gunnora
> 2) Master Robin of Gilwell
> 3) Ld. Timothy of Glastonbury
> I can also assist some with Gothic Bards.  Gothic War is hosted by the
> Western Region, and the Gothic Bard is essentially the regional Bard.  The
> current Gothic Bard is Lord Charles McKennan.  Before him was myself, Lord
> Timothy of Glastonbury.  Before myself I do not know as the previous
> bard did not make it to the competition where I was chosen.  You might be
> able to contact HE Vallust (who did run the competition I won, before he
> Baron of Bonwicke) and see if he knows.
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