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Antigonus Bearbait antigonus at
Mon Sep 4 19:21:10 PDT 2000

Hello, all -- 

Antigonus, here.

Thank you, Stephen, for your suggestion.  I like the idea of no more that two TITLED competitions and no winnings.  Your observation about only two competitions in two years does seem a bit stringent.

Still, though, for some reason or another I like the two year mark. Though, the actual requirements could be set by the individual(s) running the competition.

Anyone else care to comment on what constitutes a "new bard" for the purposes of this competition?

Much Thanx --


On Thu, 31 Aug 2000 22:05:20  
 StephenMacthomas wrote:
>Greetings unto the bardic community of Ansteorra from one Stephen Macthomas, 
>a fair gentle from the Canton of Gate's Edge.
>Lord Antigonus Bearbait (hereinafter referred to as *Tiggy*) has an idea for 
>a new type of bardic competition, and my one comment of disagreement is below.
>>  A new bard is a bard who has been performing less than two years 
>>  and competed in no more than two competitions, neither of which can have 
>>  won by them.  An experienced bard is a bard who exceeds the requirements 
>>  for a new bard.
>I would suggest changing this to *a new bard is a bard who has: (1) been 
>performing less than ONE year, (2) has competed in no more than two TITLED 
>competitions, and (3) has never won a bardic competition on any level.*  
>Tiggy's arbitrary numbers add up to one competition per year for the first 
>two years, and that would eliminate many beginning bards from consideration.
>Everything else that Tiggy has suggested is sound in my reasoning.  I'd 
>personally love to give this one a try and see how it runs.
>In your service,
>Stephen Macthomas
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