Bards - A question on bawdy Elizabethan poetry

Heather Ault eleanor_cleavely at
Tue Apr 3 17:00:35 PDT 2001

Your Grace,

I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a short bawdy Elizabethan sonnet or poem. I am having a hard time finding one for the Bardic this Friday night.

Also, I would love to hear the stories you have about the past Ansteorran Kings and Queens. I believe that these stories should be kept alive through oral and written means. The only way to keep those stories alive is to pass them along. If you wish to teach, I would be honored to learn from such a talented and able bard. It would be a sad day in Ansteorra the day you stopped playing. You inspired me to study the bardic arts. Please do not leave.

Please do not hesitate to call upon me if I may be of service to you. I remain,

Your loyal friend and servant,
Lady Eleanor Cleavely

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