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Terrific, I have you down. :)

<who will definitely be sitting in on the class because I need to sharpen MY
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> Bella, baring mundane obligations, I will live up to my promise of
> every group in the north before Christmas. This will include Eldern
> and I can think of no better time than Samhain. I do wish to speak to any
> bards there, and by such a late date in the year my efforts to rally the
> bards of the north will hopefully be under way.
> However, I have been told that story tellers are in short supply, and
> therefor I would offer to share what of my skills I can to any interested
> parties. I would be honored, if during my visit you were to allow me to
> teach a class in story telling, as well as extemporaneous story telling
> (both in one class, I would prove boring, I believe, if this were divided
> into two).
> Lord Ivo Blackhawk
> Norther Regional Bard
> "God Save the King"
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