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Fri Aug 3 20:25:11 PDT 2001

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       I've had an idea that I'd like to get some discussion about.
       I would like to promote more and better poetry in Ansteorra, as well
as get some use from this list.  I'd like to suggest the creation of the
Ansteorran Online Academy of Poetics. (AOAoP).  Ok so the name probably needs
more thought.  The ideas is that bards with expertise in a poetic form will
write an essay on how to write in that form.  Other bards on this list will
then write a poem using that form and post it to the list. They can specify
one of three options when the post.

1.  They want a public critique of their poem on the list.
2.  They want private comment on the poem.
3.  They want no comment on the poem.

       Obviously for the purposes of teaching option 1 will be the most
useful, but I understand that some people will be reluctant to publicly tell
them what;s wrong with their poem.  Of course people should also be telling
you what is right about your poem but somehow a dozen positive comments won't
stick in the mind as much as one negative comment.  It requires a certain
amount of toughness.   If we do this I will post my work for public comment
and allow the poems and the comment to be placed on the web page.
       I would like to see the essays on a web page along with some of the
resulting poems along with the critiques of those poems so people who come in
late can read and learn from them.  Lady Simone has already done a great deal
of work creating the Bardic Fire webpage.  If she has time and is willing to
do the work I think that would be the best place to have this.  If she
doesn't have time then I would like to ask Pug to give the Bards List web
space on the Kingdom server.  If we do this both on the list and on the web I
would want timely updated to the web page.  We could do the whole thing here
and point new people to the archives.
       If we do this should we have some foundation setting essays on basics
of rhyme, meter, alliteration, etc.?  I would definitely want to have
discussion of how to give and receive useful criticism, and have that
prominently displayed on the web page.  I would want to see clear guidelines
concerning what is and is not appropriate in commenting on someone's work and
see those guidelines enforced.
       I'd like to see different people writing the essays.  When someone
describes how to write in a particular form there should be discussion of the
list of the essay, and any necessary corrections and improvements made.  The
corrected version should be reposted to the list and to the web page then
people should start writing.  I see no reason to have a cut off date for
people to post their poems, we'll critique them as they come in.  Poems
should be clearly labeled as to what kind of commentary the want, and their
wishes should be respected.  People should understand that it is almost
guaranteed that someone who is giving a private critique will accidentally
post it publicly, and be understanding when this happens.
       Since I suggested this I would be willing to organize and run this but
I'm pretty busy.  If someone with more time and energy has a burning desire
to be the driving force behind this I would be glad to let them run it.  If
Lady Simone does not wish to be the web master for this I do not want to do
so myself.  I just don't have the time.  We don't have to have a web page to
go with this but I think it would be better with one than without.
       I hope to use this to promote better poets and better poetry, as well
as motivate myself and others to write more.
       My fellow bards what do you think of this idea?  Will you take part?
How many are willing to research and write essays on how to write poetry?
How many are willing to comment on poems submitted?  How many are willing to
write poems, and how many of those are willing to have them commented on

Robert Fitzmorgan
Bard of Rundel

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