[Bards] An Idea

Ori Pomerantz ori at simple-tech.com
Sat Aug 4 01:29:55 PDT 2001

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> I'd like to suggest the creation of the Ansteorran Online Academy of
> Poetics. (AOAoP).  Ok so the name probably needs more thought.  The
> ideas is that bards with expertise in a poetic form will write an
> essay on how to write in that form.
	About a year ago, his double Excellency, Viscount Baron Galen,
asked if any Elfsian would send out articles for Tourneys Illuminated.
Life being good in Elfsea, I sat down and wrote an article about
Sepharadic (judeo-spanish) poetry with the kind help of Mistress Jalali.
So far they haven't published it, so I see no point in not distributing it
by other means. Here it is.

	In Service,
		Uriah of Hebron
		Writing from Thamesreach in Drachenwald.


[ sepharadic.doc of type application/octet-stream deleted ]

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