[Bards] Really BIG Competition

Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Sun Aug 5 18:42:23 PDT 2001

To the bards of Ansteorra (with a copy to the Northern Region list):

I'm going to drop in an advertisement for a bardic competition that
many of you have missed and you don't really know how much you're

Last year, as Bard to the Canton of Rundel, I hosted a bardic
competition that stunned me.  More than 20 bards, new and old,
presented pieces of stunning quality.  Approximately 16 of those were
actually competing for the title.  There were children as young as 10
or so and bards who know SCAdians that are older than dirt.  There
were songs and poems and stories and instrumental music which took
your breath away.  And in the end I had to select a new bard.

This year's competition will be hosted by the current Bard of Rundel,
Honorable Lord Robert Fitzmorgan.  I am not sure what he is doing
exactly with the format this year but Rundel has a tradition, unknown
to many, of having really large bardic gatherings for the competition.

Due to scheduling conflicts, Rundel's event will be opposite Three
Kings this year.  The Canton is a small group, but strong in heart.
If you don't have prior commitments at Three Kings, I cannot
encourage you enough to come to Rundel's event in November and
experience the hospitality of a small group which has hosted some of
the largest bardic gatherings I've seen.

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth

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