Bards - Titled Bard Competitions?

Stephen Macthomas macthomas at
Wed Feb 7 06:04:34 PST 2001

Greetings unto the list:

I'm trying to contact some of the titled bards across the kingdom and while
writing out my to-do list, I realized that I don't know which groups sponsor
title competitions.  So I'm posting to the lists to ask for help.

What I'm trying to discover is:
1) Which groups sponsor title competitions?
2) Which groups do *not* sponsor a titled bard?
3) Who currently holds those titles?
4) At what event are those titles slated to be passed on?

Rather than clog the lists with replies on this subject, I'm asking that
replies be sent privately to me at macthomas at  Thanks in advance for
everyone's consideration.

In your service, I remain
Lord Stephen Macthomas, Seneschal of Gate's Edge, Bard of Bryn Gwlad

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