Bards - Bardic Collegium at Sheep Wars Returns!

Meggan Joels leighscott at
Sun Feb 25 06:41:59 PST 2001

Attend, oh fair and wondrous Bards of Ansteorra!

There is to be a Bardic Collegium at "Sheep Wars Returns" on the final 
weekend of March, for all those interested in the Bardic Arts. The more 
bards who are able to come and participate, the more fun the event will be.

To this end, I am in need of teachers! I would like a broad range of 
classes, and a broad range of bards. If you are interested, and are fairly 
certain you can make the event, please e-mail me privately at the address 
below. Give your name, e-mail address (so I can contact you,) the group you 
play in, and list one or two classes you are interested in teaching as well 
as make note of if you are willing to do the class more than once during the 
day (so that more people may attend it). Also, for scheduling purposes, if 
you have a true aversion to being up before a certain time in the morning, 
please let me know. If you *are* willing to teach the earlier morning 
classes let me know. My current plan is to start the collegium around 9 in 
the morning.

This collegium is for the education of experienced Bards, as well as those 
who may never have done Bardic, so I hope to have classes for those at all 
levels. It will take a combined group effort of the Ansteorran Bards to make 
this event as fulfilling as it can be.

The collegium will be followed by a Bardic Tournament (for fun, I believe) 
at feast, being run by David of Mooneschadowe. After court there will most 
certainly be a Bardic fire!

If you know bards who are not on this mailing list, please get them this 
information! It would be most appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!

Lady Lilas MacGuffin
Minstrel of Mooneschadowe
leighscott at
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