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Sun Feb 25 06:57:50 PST 2001

Pray help this ignorant Scot.  Where be this most wondrous event?

2/25/01 2:41:59 AM, "Meggan Joels" <leighscott at> wrote:

>Attend, oh fair and wondrous Bards of Ansteorra!
>There is to be a Bardic Collegium at "Sheep Wars Returns" on the final 
>weekend of March, for all those interested in the Bardic Arts. The more 
>bards who are able to come and participate, the more fun the event will be.
>To this end, I am in need of teachers! I would like a broad range of 
>classes, and a broad range of bards. If you are interested, and are fairly 
>certain you can make the event, please e-mail me privately at the address 
>below. Give your name, e-mail address (so I can contact you,) the group you 
>play in, and list one or two classes you are interested in teaching as well 
>as make note of if you are willing to do the class more than once during the 
>day (so that more people may attend it). Also, for scheduling purposes, if 
>you have a true aversion to being up before a certain time in the morning, 
>please let me know. If you *are* willing to teach the earlier morning 
>classes let me know. My current plan is to start the collegium around 9 in 
>the morning.
>This collegium is for the education of experienced Bards, as well as those 
>who may never have done Bardic, so I hope to have classes for those at all 
>levels. It will take a combined group effort of the Ansteorran Bards to make 
>this event as fulfilling as it can be.
>The collegium will be followed by a Bardic Tournament (for fun, I believe) 
>at feast, being run by David of Mooneschadowe. After court there will most 
>certainly be a Bardic fire!
>If you know bards who are not on this mailing list, please get them this 
>information! It would be most appreciated.
>I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!
>Lady Lilas MacGuffin
>Minstrel of Mooneschadowe
>leighscott at
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