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Mon Jan 8 19:28:31 PST 2001


    This is the poem I  performed during the bardic competition this weekend. 
 I'm not sure if I had posted it here or not.  If anyone else has written 
anything recently please share it with us.   

            Waking the Dream
            Robert Fitzmorgan

The dreams that drive our lives and lift our hearts,
And drive us to be better than we are,
Are sparked within us by the bardic arts.
A sign-post in or hearts, our bright North-Star.
We lift our voice to tell the tales of old.
To sing again the songs of days gone by.
The legends live 'long as their tales are told.
The heros live again in our heart's eye.
The ancient heros walk the earth again,
And by their lives they show us how to live.
Returned to life again by poets pen.
The gift of life that only bards can give.
    Respect the bards and show them high esteem.
    It's they who write the words that wake the dream.

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