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Mon Jan 8 19:19:35 PST 2001

Fitzmorgan at wrote:
> Hello
>     This is the poem I  performed during the bardic competition this weekend.
>  I'm not sure if I had posted it here or not.  If anyone else has written
> anything recently please share it with us.

In answer to your request I posted this new poem last week to the elfsea


Leaders of Elfsea
By Lady Simone Maurian Ui'Dunlainghe

On the day the "Son of Zane" was declared a man.
The northmen came to take him to his ancestors land.
For love of family, Zane and Llywellen, would stand.
asking their king to choose another to hold our land.

The call was heard at home, and in canton, and Shire.
Elfsea's Baron's,  for love of family, would retire
to join the ranks of their noble sire's, whom through deed;
and with noble honor served; as Leaders of Elfsea.

The call went out across elfsea with noble royal power.
Who would stand to be deemed worthy on this hour.
To nobly and honorably serve this honored place of power.
To stand as the crowns voice;  his people empower.

Noble men and woman did come to serve this land.
Each brought dignity and honor, that would enrich our hand.
The Valor of elfsea showed in every noble that made a stand.
Hard was the crowns choosing, of whom would hold our land.

Of those who would hold Elfsea; chosen was Sir Galen's Hand.
Eighth royal viscount of Drachenvald, honored Knight. and Pelican.
Glorious Allesandra, of regal grace, wisdom and purity, with him stands
ready at their kings command ,to serve and hold in fife, these lands

At Elfsea's Springfair our noble King and Queen did come.
For to set to law, and there invest what fate had already done.
For Sir Galen and Allesandra always and eternally one.
now by royal decree, Elfsea's lands do they now hold as one.

See all of Elfsea stand in unity, strength and security.
United under her Barons, to server their crown with fealty.
The joy and cheer in her lands open for all to see.
We raised our cups to those past and present leaders of Elfsea
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