Bards - Bardic Collegium

Meggan Joels leighscott at
Fri Mar 9 06:16:49 PST 2001

Sheep Wars Returns draws ever nearer, and I am still in need of teachers for 
the Bardic Collegium. While I well know the busy schedules of the bards of 
Ansteorra, I also know that many have talked of doing an event at which 
bards could share their knowledge, as well as enjoy the company of other 
bards, which happens only too rarely. This is that chance, but it will not 
be successful if no one is willing or able to make the time to participate. 
I would like to that those bards that replied to my initial announcement, 
and hope that others will do the same in the near future. Again, this should 
be an extremely fun event if we have the bards to make it so. Even if you do 
not wish to teach, please attend! I would appreciate hearing from all bards 
in any case, just to know that someone out there is interested.

In service to the Dream,
Lady Lilas MacGuffin

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