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> Fellow bards I need to know something. I can't figure how to get  on the
> bardic fire to check this out but do we have list of the Crowns and some
> data on them. It seems that we regularly have a request for this kind of
> information. It worrys me that when I am gone none will have data on the
> older reigns. I have asked people to get in touch with me to learn the
> old tales and no one has ever gotten  in touch with me personally. I
> don't write well and I am ill a lot so typing is very hard on me. I will
> need help to preserve this data. I was working on some data and my
> computer died and I lost it all. Teaches me not to save on back up disk.
> Willow
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       I would love to learn the stories of our Kingdoms history.  I have 
been thinking about how much of our history resides only in the memories of 
people who will, sadly, leave us someday.  I would love to work with you and 
others to preserve this history.  I think it is part of what it means to be a 
bard.  I would be glad to help put our history in a more permanent form as 
well as repeat the stories around the fires.  The problem is I don't live 
very close to you and don't get to travel south as often as I would like.  
Perhaps we can schedule a few events where we can sit and talk, though my 
next few months are pretty busy.  
       I think we should start a project to get with those who were part of 
our early history to learn, preserve and pass on their recollections.  I wish 
I had listened better to the many stories I heard from Master Blackfox.  Who 
could have known that he would be taken from us so soon?  I will speak to 
those in my area who have been around longer than I about recording their 
recollections and making them available to anyone who wants them.  I would be 
pleased to work with Your Grace on this as well but it would probably be 
better if someone who lives closer to you could do so.  If you want to send 
me recordings I can transcribe and distribute them, but I would think that 
stories are much better when told to an audience.  
       There should be a history of our kingdom, and who better than our 
bards to preserve it?   I hope that other bards in other regions will take up 
this challenge.  

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep

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