Bards -Kings and Queens of A

willow taylor jonwillowpel at
Mon Mar 12 08:17:22 PST 2001

Fellow bards I need to know something. I can't figure how to get  on the
bardic fire to check this out but do we have list of the Crowns and some
data on them. It seems that we regularly have a request for this kind of
information. It worrys me that when I am gone none will have data on the
older reigns. I have asked people to get in touch with me to learn the
old tales and no one has ever gotten  in touch with me personally. I
don't write well and I am ill a lot so typing is very hard on me. I will
need help to preserve this data. I was working on some data and my
computer died and I lost it all. Teaches me not to save on back up disk.

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