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Thanks Robert, <grin> your e-mail showed up on my server after I sent my message. Gotta love Cox Cable. I see we're thinking along the same lines. 

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    I know it's very mundane, but do you think it would be possible to record 
    some of the old stories on tape, either at someone's home or even at an 
    event in private or very discreetly. It's difficult to remember some of 
    these tales from hearing them only once, and it might make it possible for 
    some of the bards in the farthest reaches of the kingdom to hear and carry 
    on the stories of past events. I know this has been done in the past with 
    Ansteorran songs, but I've never heard tapes of the stories. Perhaps we 
    could even get a collection from many different sources - Bards, Nobles, 
    Peers, Lions, and just people who've played in this kingdom for a long time. 
    Eventually it could all be written down perhaps. It's just an idea, feel 
    free to disagree, change, or add to it. 

    HL Bella 

        That's what I had in mind.   I want to get a portable tape recorder 
  and lots of tapes and get some of the long-timers to remember out-loud.  I'd 
  also like to se a collection of songs, poems and stories about the Lions of 
  Ansteorra.  Why are these people Lions?  I don't recognize a lot of these 

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