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Thu Mar 22 18:27:35 PST 2001

Greetings Willow,from Kyleena of the Rom,
   I am catching up on my email just now, so this observation is ,at 
best,late-but perhaps you are going about all this wrong....Bardic history 
is best kept orally alive.Instead of reaching for the computer,reach for the 
microphone.Invest in a tape recorder and start from the beginning. (Be sure 
to make copies.) Sell or present these renderings as gifts/awards. This 
saves both the history and the presentation that you've mastered so well. 
((They would also make a good tool for teaching the art as well, and you can 
always have someone transcribe them for you if need be.))

>From: willow taylor <jonwillowpel at>
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>To: bards at
>Subject: Re: Bards -Kings and Queens of A
>Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 10:17:22 -0600
>Fellow bards I need to know something. I can't figure how to get  on the
>bardic fire to check this out but do we have list of the Crowns and some
>data on them. It seems that we regularly have a request for this kind of
>information. It worrys me that when I am gone none will have data on the
>older reigns. I have asked people to get in touch with me to learn the
>old tales and no one has ever gotten  in touch with me personally. I
>don't write well and I am ill a lot so typing is very hard on me. I will
>need help to preserve this data. I was working on some data and my
>computer died and I lost it all. Teaches me not to save on back up disk.
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