[Bards] Ryn's tacky thingy

Charley W Brown Chass at lakewebs.net
Mon Oct 8 14:22:40 PDT 2001

That's not me down there I do believe it be Yoshi. Hmm should you plant the
Shovel there?? lol And for that I will steal your crutch, and if you do come
to Margrave I wont share my latest batch of Melomil lol. Btw I am
experimenting with White Grape. :)

Owner Dwarvehnhome Armory

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> Your E-ness, I would shovel faster, if you would please get out of my
> way.  For the area just below me I was shoveling was the gutter and you
> are in my way...  Wait!  That's your side kick Bill.  Sorry, you two
> resemble each other so much.
> (tosses a shovel full of dirt upon Aethelstan)
> As for my cart... I have been on... a five year mission... but the
> nuns... wouldn't take me....  Said something... about... me being... from
> too strange a place....
> (another shovel full of dirt lands upon his E-ness)
> Ryn
> Aethelstan wrote:
>  while your still in that thar hole....you mind shoveling a bit
> faster...we're still on the clock you know....(ducking and dodging right
> about......NOW!)
> Eh Bill....get a-low o' this....it's a tacky gimp in 'a 'ole....an  look
> 'ere's  'er cart.
>  lookit on de side 'ere  says......Picard's Enterprise......
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