[Bards] It's a hard life...

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Tue Sep 11 14:56:54 PDT 2001

        Good My Friends,

        In light of today's events, with emotions running high, I have
had a piece of a tune running through my head all day. I think I can
safely say that I want the perpetrators of this atrocity caught and
punished as much as anyone. But I fear that in the next few days we may
hear about innocent people of Middle Eastern ancestry being shot for no
other reason that they are of Middle Eastern ancestry. I pray that my
worries are unfounded.
        If you think it appropriate, if you are around someone who needs
this reminder on EITHER side of this issue, I urge you to remember the
following words.

              Yours in Service,

                              Iain MacCrimmon

                It's a hard life, it's a hard life,
                It's a very hard life,
                It's a hard life wherever you go.
                And if you poison your children with hatred
                Then a hard life is all that they'll know.

                                                        -- Nancy
Griffith, "It's a Hard Life"

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