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Some may already ahve this, but worth forwarding on in any event.

In Service to Need

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> Subject: [SCA_BARDS] New song
> >Greetings, all, from Michael Alewright.  AEthelmearc's Coronation is this
> >weekend, and it occurred to me last night that the mood of those in
> >attendance will be somewhat darkened by the multiple tragedies we are now
> >facing.  I tried to give my own current thoughts and feelings a voice
> >appropriate to a Society context, somewhat allegorized, and the song
> >is the result.  I am posting it here in case anyone else will find it
> >useful.  I can't transmit the tune (and I'm musically illiterate,
> >but if you decide you want to perform it, feel free to create your own,
> >contact me and I can arrange to sing it over the telephone.
> >
> >Although I am not submitting it for critique, per se, feel free if the
> >spirit moves you.  Caveat: This piece is an example of what I call
> >"peri-oid," given that it is intended to complement and facilitate the
> >culture and atmosphere of the Society without attempting to recreate a
> >period style or voice.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Michael
> >
> >
> >
> >Unwelcome and armed you come--
> >Your minions invade our land;
> >And cold grow our hearts when the killing starts,
> >But whatever should come, we stand
> >
> >You see plunder ripe for taking,
> >And think to reach out your hand;
> >But beware of the prey that you hunt today,
> >For tomorrow will come; we stand.
> >
> >            We stand, we stand
> >            Unbowed by your demand.
> >            You will come to see that we still live free,
> >            And despite your sword, we stand.
> >
> >Our souls feel the chill of winter
> >Through the flames your anger fanned.
> >Our houses burned but our lesson learned,
> >In the hills and woods we stand.
> >
> >You've killed us by the thousands,
> >And wrecked what once was grand.
> >Commit your crime, we will bide our time
> >When the moment comes, we stand.
> >
> >            We stand, we stand,
> >            And refuse to be unmanned.
> >            Let the hours creep as you try to sleep,
> >            For there in the dark, we stand.
> >
> >Let your eyes be filled with terror,
> >Ere your mouth be filled with sand.
> >Let your flesh be meat for the crows to eat;
> >Let revenge begin--we stand.
> >
> >Let crops grow where they've fallen,
> >Who moved by your command.
> >Let their widows fear when we march from here,
> >And outside your door we stand.
> >
> >            We stand, we stand
> >            For the doom of all you planned.
> >            When the sight of me is the last you see,
> >            Let your last thought be. we stand.
> >
> ---8<---------------------------------------------
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