[Bards] Fw: [SCA-Archery] Fw: [SCA_BARDS] New song

Ori Pomerantz ori at simple-tech.com
Fri Sep 14 09:36:06 PDT 2001


    Here's my version. It's not period in any way, don't try this at an
event ...

        Uriah of Hebron

Going About Our Business  / Ori Pomerantz, 9-12-2001
You took out a building, you hijacked a plane.
And we went on 'bout our business.
You blew away lives for your low, evil gain.
And we just went about our business.

We're madder than hell, we're ready to kill,
Instead, we just go 'bout our business.
We yell and we swear that rough justice we'll deal.
And then we go on to our business.

This country is "evil", too rich and too strong.
And we just go 'bout our business.
Our lives here are good, that's why we are "wrong" -
Bad people, who go 'bout their business.

Our power is more than just surgical strikes,
Our riches for more than just show.
There are those of us busy to catch such as you,
As when you'll be found you shall know.

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