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As you've probably seen elsewhere and in other announcements, Raven's Fort
will be hosting "A Day in the Court of the Great Khan" this weekend, April
26-28 at the Stones of Ravensfort.  One of the competitions being held this
weekend is the bardic competition for the title of Ravenskald.

The bards will need at least 2 pieces for the Ravenskald competition.  One
piece needs to have "skalds" or "mongols" as it's topic or relate in *some
way* to the theme of the event.  The other piece is just your "best piece".
I may ask for a third piece as a type of "tie breaker" if it's a hard decision
and I think asking for a third piece might help break the tie and there is
*TIME* for more pieces.  I may just ask for another "best piece" or I may ask
you to pull 3 words out of a hat or get three words from audience members and
weave a story (or song or poem) including those three elements.  I may ask
that the tie breaking 3rd piece be performed at feast.  Decisions whether to
ask for a third piece and what that piece will entail depend on time schedule,
ability to track down performers to *ask* them for the third piece (did they
stay at the circle, or did duty draw them elsewhere), whether the dragon eggs
I have at home are hatching and I'm antsy to check on them, and the position
of Venus in relation to Mars.

This is some of the information I posted previously:
    What am I looking for?
1.  Skill in ENTERTAINING the audience and judge(s).

2.  Performance skill . . . the "technically superior" type stuff . . . voice
quality, topic quality, skill in constructing the story, tone quality,
3.  Variety.  Do you *only* sing sappy love songs?  Specialized
is one thing, being limited to something is another.

I'd like to pass it on to someone who can do a variety of things.
4.  Period.  You don't have to bring me sheafs of period music or copies from
books, but if you can tell a bit about how your piece is period, (preferably
telling it in persona), that'll count a
bit in your favor.

The bardic competition is currently scheduled at approximately 3 p.m. at the
Tavern.  Bardic will start immediately after the brewing competition (so come
and, ah, loosen your tongue before hand).  It will go until it ends, Zorcon or
Gwynn need to kick us out of the tavern, or the herald annouces "get ready for

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