[Bards] Friday Night Filk Sing and Pun Off

Elaine De Lyons elainescalists at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 22 10:52:59 PDT 2002

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In addition to the Raven Skald competition on Saturday, there will be a Friday
Night Filk Sing/Pun Off/and Bawdy Bard circle/torture session on Friday, April
26 at the upcoming Raven's Fort event.  The circle will start well after full
dark (think 9 something) and continue until the neighbors get sick of us and
kick us out.  Bawdy stuff will start once any kiddies have long been in bed.
Bring you're zaniest SCA filk . . . the crazier the better, although I
especially would love to hear filks/stories about real SCA events.  "No
fooling I was there" kind of filks.

Last I heard, it was okay with House Pharus to hold this in their camp.
However, if you go by and don't hear bardic going on, please leave them alone
and wonder over to the pavilions.  We'll pester them later in the evening.


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