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Hmm having read this thread with some interest I have been waiting a while to
post my own thoughts.  I see several very real issues in this

_Issue 1_. Should we performance types do Research and Documentaion.

I answer "yes, most cetainly." Though I myself have often used a modern
progresion or even borrowed mdern tunes for my works I have written, I can
explain the differences in each and give you the reason why I varried from
period style of presentation, or creation. I can also explain what would have
been done in certain parts of period in certain geographic locations I have
studied.  By this I can write Documentation that answers the basic questions I
was taught to ask when judging with docs

A. What is the project?

B How would it be done in period?

C. How did I do it?

D. What are the diferences between questions B and C, and why do they exist?

E. Do you have referances (ya know ... books)

_Issue 2_ What should we research/document?

Well this is a question I have been asked many times in recent months, Now
speaking as a Judge if some one hands me docs Placing a speech from Kit
Marlow's Faustes to period , I would say "duh." and set the papers aside. Now
if that same performer comes out doing Groucho Marks saying "Is this the face
that launched a thousand ships..." well period piece or not they are gonna get
giged in the judging and hard. We should be doing more than looking up a poem
in a book and memorizing it. Some of the style and circumstance of how the
piece would have been performed in period would be nice to.

Same goes for writing in period styles. the rhyme and meter structure for a
chanson are great but I am not going to give alot of points for some one using
this style to describe how their car broke down on site.  Using the same to
Describe a nameless fighter fending off 20 armed oponants and protecting the
king at Pensic... Sure! you bet kudoes and and a good score to boot.

_Issue 3_ Should Docs carry more weight than a good performance?

IMHO _No_. As performers we are here to entertain. If say Pendaren (I hope
your exenllency doesn't mind my using his name in vain) walks out and hands me
basic docs stating simply that his Shakespearian Sonnet is Period in style and
then makes all the women swoon at the delightfully romantic nature of his
words, in my book he is going to beat some one who, although they may have
docs that are perfect in every way including a two page biloiography, 8X10
glossies with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back..., sent the
entire audiance scrambling for another beer or privy run.

A performer who can bridge the gap between entertaining a Modern Audiance and
Maintaining at least a working knowlege of period content and form is going to
win competitions.

_Issue 4_ How to present Docs in a Performance competition?

Well I honestly have no good answer for this one. I don't feel there can be
one absolute answer. Each set of individual judges is going to be looking for
something, each member of the audiance has a certain level of expectation. the
best I can give is that if you want me to give you written docs you had best
let me know in the event anouncement.

My overall view is best expressed by my sig line that is taken from Sir Walter
Raliegh's Essay on Style "Besides the artist two things are to be considered
in every art, -the instrument and the audience" It goes on to say alot on the
very topic of performance verses static arts. give it a read sometime.

Well that says about all I have for the moment
Darius of the Bells, OL
Bard of the Steppes
Past Bard of Weissenfeuer
Past Bard of Dragons Fire Tor
Past Drunken lout at the late night bardic circle

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