[Bards] Are Bard enough for Steppes?

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Wed Apr 10 11:46:13 PDT 2002

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Are you Bard enough to compete for the title of Steppes Bard? Can you put your
self up against 25 to 30 others Song to song, verse to verse? Do you have what
it takes to step into the glow of the fire and the torches and put forward one
piece, and one piece only against all others who wish to win this splendid

If you think you are, then meet me at Steppes Warlord, Sunday night around
dusk. There around the fire we will hear and tell such tales of heroes and of
love. Songs of Ansteorra shall whet our imaginations as they were blades for
use against her enemies.  Out of all of those who put them selves forward for
the entertainment of the populace upon this magic night, one will  be chosen.
One will succeed some the the greatest bards of Ansteorra. One will be the new
Steppes Bard!


Current Steppes Bard (for event information go to
http://www.steppes.org/warlord/[2] )
"Besides the artist two things are to be considered in every art, -
the instrument and the audience" - Sir Walter Raliegh

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  1. http://www.steppes.org/warlord/
  2. http://www.steppes.org/warlord/
  3. http://g.msn.com/1HM505401/14

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