[Bards] Competition for the Bard of Elfsea

Lady Simone ui' Dunlaingh simone at elfsea.net
Sat Apr 13 10:52:05 PDT 2002


The wind and heavy rains at Elfsea Spring fair became cause to postpone the
Title Bardic competition for the Bard Of Elfsea.

Now that the winds are back to normal and the waters have receded. It is my
Honor to announce that The Bardic Competition for the Title Bard of Elfsea
will take place Saturday afternoon at Guardian of the Tor.

The outgoing Bard of Elfsea Lord Antiginus Bearbait has expressed a wish to
hear some excerpts from the Greek classic's at the competition. He has
expressed that performing a Greek piece WILL NOT influence the judging.
Just that it would be nice to hear some of these classic works in the

The format of the competition will be the same as that used to select the

current Kingdom Bard of Ansteorra. format and requirements as follows:

1. Pieces performed should be one of the following criteria:
         A. a Pre-Seventeenth century source
         B. an Original work in a period style or theme that is not filk.
         C. a Society piece. i.e.., a piece written by another Bard in the
            Society that preserves the history of the current middle ages.

2. Pieces performed should be performed from memory. The judges know the
difference between making a mistake in your delivery and not knowing your

3. Documentation  is recommended. it may be given to the Judges either in
written or verbal form. do not claim a piece as period if you do not know if
it truly is. the judges of this competition are knowledgeable enough to
know the difference. claiming a piece as period that is not can cause you to
lose a round in the competition.

4.alternating performing styles. in the preliminary rounds a bard should not
perform back to back styles. if you do story in the first round. the second
round you should not perform a story again rather a poem song or other such
style. the third round you can do a story again.

5.the bards should have 3 to 5 pieces prepared for this competition.

6.the competition will encompass several rounds reducing the number of
round until a bard is selected.

         A. Round one all Bards compete. 1/2 of the bards will be chosen to
advance to round Two

         B. Round Two the advancing bards compete. 1/2 of the bards will be
chosen to advance to round Three

        C. Round Three the Advancing Bards compete. Judges will select those
to enter the final rounds.

        D. Round Four finalist compete. their may be a fifth round should
the judges determine it is necessary

Hope to see you all there
Lady Simone Maurian ui' Dunlaingh
simone at elfsea.net
Autocrat Guardian of the Tor

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