[Bards] Some Thoughts on Documentation for Bardic Competition

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Mon Apr 22 09:25:44 PDT 2002

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> . I'm curious about what the people
> on this list think about documentation for competitions and whether or not
> it should be required. (Please note that I'm drawing a separation between
> competitions and bardic circles/fires.)

             Greetings Your Excellency,
       My feelings are that the selection of Bardic champions be a
combination of the best documentation and best performance.  In other words,
one may make one's intention to compete by turning in documentation.  Later
in the event, a choice may be made unubtrusively at a circle/fire which would
be open to all.
       I should also add that the absolute worst  have ever done was due to
getting "out of frame" by trying to defend my documentation before performing
thus my feeling that the documentation and performance phase of any
competition should be quite seperate. I have been honored to be the best bard
present and so have won a couple of times, but on none of those occasions did
I make any attempt at documentation.  Ysfael just doesn't feel comfortable
handing over a typed sheet of documentation, and Tom is lousy at bardic arts.


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