[Bards] static vs performance.....was documentation

John Cole aethelstan at mmcable.com
Tue Apr 23 22:11:18 PDT 2002

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to disagree with this statement.

The same fundamentals that you list for a performance entry are VERY simular
to the fundamental steps for static arts. Performance should be neat and
clean, and yes it takes years to master. However, every person who has
invested time, energy, heart and soul into a static presentation can also
show you a box or pile of practice pieces that are neither neat not clean
and a ream of research that without devotion would not exist. On the other
side of the issue, without specific steps to help one get to their end
product, any performance suffers.

With bardic, as with static, as with fighting, as with dancing a person
gains interest in the art. This art is then taken and researched, practiced
and polished. When the artist is read, then they bring their heart to show
the populace at large in whatever format. While it may be easy to say that a
person doesn't have to bring a static piece to display until it's perfect,
the same can be said for any bardic piece. There have been many time where I
have been MUCH more confident in a performance than I was in a static
presentation that I had set out at the same event.

Art is art.....in whatever venue that you choose to persue. The roads and
paths may be different, but the result is the same, and that is to gain and
share joy and contentment with ourselves and our friends.

in service,

Aethelstan Aethelmearson

> It is my opinion that trying to set the judging standards for performing
> arts the same as one would the Static arts is unrealistic and
> why because static arts are just that static weaving is weaving,
> is embroidery, chainmail is chainmail all in which have set steps to get
> the end product.
> Performance arts are not that neat and clean it takes time sometimes years
> to become a bard that is ready for performing on a competition level.
> is, research, practice and devotion to the Bardic arts to train one's
> to be that of a performance Quality. then their is material to learn, plot
> and rehearse and development of delivery techniques. after al that you can
> still have to consider effects from the weather, smoke from fires, the
> of your audience, the caliber of performers you meet on the bardic field
> will have on the performing bard.  You can give 100 bards an exert out of
> Shakespeare to do and your going to get 100 different renditions of the
> piece with varying levels of expertise at performing it.

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