[Bards] Greetings

Tommie Stovall-Prentiss katitcha at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 2 05:15:26 PST 2002

  I would like to say hello once more to my fellow Bards in Ansteorra.
Alas, I long for your company.  I have traveled far to be with my true love.
  I am now dwelling in the East Kingdom in the Shire of Blak_Rose.
I would hope that you will still commune with me and share your knowledge.
  Now, since I have moved, I am in need of some help.  I have misplaced much
of my music.  There is one piece in particular that I would like to have the
lyrics to.  It is the Dark Lady.  It has come to be one of my favorites.  If
someone should please give me some aid on this. I would be most grateful.
In Service to the Dream
Lady Katitcha Brendwyth Eledin Stovold
Household Mourning Glory, Barony Bordermarch
Resident Blak_Rose, East Kingdom.

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