[Bards] Re: Child's Ballads "Data"

willow taylor jonwillowpel at juno.com
Mon Jan 28 15:22:45 PST 2002

I just picked up a great CD, "Classic Ballads of Britain an Ireland"
Storytelling Ballads, as Included in Francis James Child's English and
Scottish Popular Ballads #2-106. The CD is by the Alan Lomax Collection.
I got the CD at Half Price Books so I don't know where you could get it.
In the little book that came with it  they tell us that Alan Lomax put
out something called "Folk Songs of the British Isles" and this CD come
from that. recording. The little book that comes with the CD is full of
information and has a five page bibliography in little bitty writing. I
really like the CD because it has traditional folk singing. Traditional
folk singing sound horrid but I find it very interesting.

I don't know how but maybe I can get someone to scan the bibliography and
post it to the list.

Willow de Wisp
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