[Bards] Hello? hi, here's a song

LrdWayland at aol.com LrdWayland at aol.com
Tue Mar 26 21:38:28 PST 2002

Here's a song that one of my squire brothers wrote, it's about our fighting
unit  :-)

The Legion Goes Hunting
by: Linus Furius

Take comfort in the knowledge of God's grace,
but be certain that heaven is holding your place
for the band in blue goes a-hunting today,
so pray it's not you that they're looking to slay

With raiment of blue and blades dripping red,
the Legion will see that the crows are well fed.
Neither flesh of the boar nor the swift running stag
will appease the grim thirst of the blue and white flag
The Legion goes hunting today
The Legion goes hunting today

It's the flesh of the foeman they're seeking this day,
you should head for the fields man it's madness to stay
Leave your weapons behind and so too your shield,
flee from us now, 'fore it's too late to yield
If a stand you must make, pick a field flat and wide
it'll do you no good, it's like fighting the tide.
Pick a place without stones where the grass has grown tall
no it won't save your life but it will break your fall
With one lone white star on a banner held high
the survivors will swear that it's God's own right eye.
Make your sacraments well, say the prayers that you ought
and know if we meet you that it's all been for naught
May God judge your worth and the king judge your words
and the Legion will judge you with the lance and the sword.
Let God take his tithe and the king tax your wealth
for the Legion will take from you everything else!
Take comfort in the knowledge of God's grace
but be certain that heaven is holding your place

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