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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sun May 12 22:05:47 PDT 2002

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First off, the bardic was a delight.  Ulf held the competition in the
evening and there were 31 entered and all were wonderful.  I loved the joy
with which the children competed side by side with the adults and first
time performers were encouraged by all.  There were so many nice things to
be said about this that I will forget some of the main ones if I try, so
will not even attempt it.

Ways the Dream lived and breathed for me that night:
    * watching the reason I am in the SCA, for those who don't know my dear
daughter Kit there are no words I can use to decribe her for you, but the
SCA has been a definate coming home for her.  She is a bard, herald,
artisan...  It was seeing her standing in the middle of the torches
preforming a piece from Shakespeare that held the people in awebound
silence that brought it all home to me and I thank all of the many who have
encouraged her, thank you so much
    * the lullabies from mother to child, both from the mother's side and
from two men, one young and one old, who made the maiden voyage out to the
center to sing the songs that their mother's loved them with
    * listening to the young lilting voices
    * the warrior recounting how a dear child's gift made the dream live
for him
    * Hearing dear Grimulf bring voice to words Micheal the Ram penned and
loving Grimulf all the more for sharing his gift with us and filling me
with desire to be able to go forth to Lillies to hear this master himself
    * the stories of our history and future and the passion for the dream,
those of you who missed Lady Celeste's new song though, I can only feel
regret for you that you were not there, for it was beautiful and a true
gift to our kingdom
    * The joy of being there when Svan, after getting his thistle for
bardcraft earlier in the day, went on to become Namron's Bard for this
coming year; a more gracious man could not be found that day; I am honored
to call you friend
    * and oh so much more...
Thank you so much Ulf, My, Namron, Ansteorra and all who make the dream

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

Remember that Castellan is just 3 weeks away and we would love to have all
come.  We have a wonderful line of bards and would be honored to have all
that were at Beltane join us and more.  HL Toinette de Cambry is our
reigning Castellan, having won our Bardic, A&S and Archery competitions
last year.  I would love to see stiff competition again this year, to
capture the title you must win three competitions including at leaste one
each from the arts and martial areas.  Please look at
http://northkeep.ansteorra.org/events/cast2002.html for details.

as an aside, we found a few ticks and many of you might want to brush up on
tick safty

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