[Bards] Beltane thanks

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at mmcable.com
Mon May 13 19:34:53 PDT 2002

Beltane was one of those marvelous laid-back events.  We want to thank Lady
Rane for such a great job as Event Steward.  Since we had "Rane" and
"Storms" already, the weather decided to be a little "muggy" instead, with a
nice breeze.  The site was beautiful in our opinion, and we would love some
feedback on it, since we are thinking of using it again sometime.

The Blue Dolphin Tavern kept us fed, and both the kissing booth and the lost
and found auction helped put a little money into the coffers.  We had games
and games and games, with good shopping at the merchants and gorgeous A&S

We had probably two dozens archers competing for the title and for specific
prizes.  There were thrown weapons, thrown cabers, and thrown bodies.  And
in the evening a brewing competition with some excellent stuff.

H.L. Aldric de Kerr is our newest Arts & Science Champion.  Bianca Sereni is
our Archery Champion.  Lord Magnus Strongaxe won the thrown weapons.

We chose Svan Coldbrow Skaldsson as the newest Bard of Namron.  With over
thirty entrants, it took hours.  Unfortunately, we could only chose one, and
if we had another round it would have taken a couple more hours.

But here's a little word fame for some of the more incredible ones.  If you
ever need some entertainment and music, hire Toinette and Llewellyn.  They
did a marvelous duet on flute, harp, and vocals.  Grimulf seized the moment
with "Loki's Gift".  Celeste has come up with a touching reply to "Burden of
the Crown".  Aethelstan can still make your heart ache, and Lucais can make
you smile and cry at the same time.  Keinan has the voice to make stones
cry, and Kjarn accompanied himself excellently on "10,000 Brave Fighting
Men".  And we laughed hard to Terric the Younger telling of Modi
SausageMaker, and Alan singing of "The Viking".  And Kitty was just solidly
impressive.  If you are one of those thirty odd bards and you aren't
mentioned above, it's only because we are about to scroll off the screen.

Thanks to the folks who joined us. We'll see you next year.

Ulf and Maleah
Baron and Baroness of Namron

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