[Bards] Steppes Bardic

Master Darius masterdarius at earthlink.net
Tue May 28 06:41:14 PDT 2002

Truly have you described the wonders of the bardic at Warlord Your
Excellency. As Master Robin intoned durring the tale he spun "God had sent
us an Audiance." it was a pleasure and a privledge to preform before so many
other bards and the masses who had come to watch the Eisteddfodd.

I can honestly say that the only easy part of judging that night was the
fact I was not competing in such a wonderous field of players. The talant
and gifts of song story and verse of some 36 perfomers are noble tribute to
Lord and Lady Steppes and I thank you all for joining us.

Master Darius of the Bells, OL
"Besides the artist two things are to be considered in every art, - the
instrument and the audience" - Sir Walter Raliegh

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