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Hello Fellow Bards
       If you didn't make it to Warlord this weekend you really missed out on
a great event.  Dona Antonia orginized a bardic circle Satruday evening.  We
had some of Ansteorras oldest and finest bards in attendance as well as some
very talented new bards.
       Sunday evening they held the competition to choose the new bard of the
Steppes.  It started around 9:00 and ran until nearly 2:30 in the morning.
       We had new bards and veterans.  A lord named Brendon performend a
story about Finn MaCool that I have told myself and told it far better than I
do.  I learned later that this was his first competition.  Dona Antonia
entered her first competition and performed very lovely song.  Another lady
who's name compleatly escapes me stood up and did a nice performance of one
of my poems.  Katerina from Northkeep did a very nice performance form
Shakespear's Midsummer Nights Dream.
       Sir Kief demanded as a former Bard of the Steppes to address the
circle and gave a stunning performance.  The power of it pulled me into his
world and left me thinking that when I grow up I want to be a REAL BARD like
       At one point Baron Fritz paused the competition to lead as all in a
round.  Later he asked Sir Miguel to lead the circle in singing Born on The
List Field.  Later the outgoing Bard master Darius gave us a new story he had
       We were treated to masterful performance by some of Ansteorras most
respected Bards, including: Willow de Wisp, Robin of Gilwell, Jonathin
DeLayffasson and Cadfin ap Morgan.  It's been far to long since I've had the
pleasure of hearing Master Cadfin perform.
       There were many, many other fine bards.  It was one of the finest
bardic experiences I can remember.
       Out of that great host of Bards.  Elenore O'Rourk was chosen as the
new Bard of the Steppes.

       I was told by several people that the competition at Namron two weeks
ago was just as good.  For those who have fretted themselves about the
decline of the Bardic Arts in Ansteorra let me assure you that Bardic is very
much alive and strong in Ansteorra

Robert Fitzmorgan

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