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> I
> Greetings to the Bards of Ansteorra
> The Laurels of Ansteorra are talking ( and I mean they are just talking)
> about taking over the Kingdom Eistoffod ( sorry about the spelling) and
> making it a proper event. A festival  with group singing and group
> performance and everything that takes place at the event in Wales. I
> assume that they would also run it with their judging forms and rules on
> documentation and of course they would be the judges. The statement I
> heard that by this way a true kingdom bard could be chosen. Before I go
> and make an ass of myself I would like to know what you think of this
> idea.
> Personally I hate the idea and I am thinking emotionally not logically at
> the moment.
> Willow de Wisp

       I like the idea of having an entire event devoted to bardic.  It's
something that has been discussed for years but the feeling is that unless it
was done on the cheap it wouldn't draw enough people to pay for it's self.
If we did have an event devoted to Bardic it might make sense to choose the
kingdom bard there.  I'm also not against the idea of trying new formats for
choosing our kingdom bard, though I must admit that I'm fond of our current
       However the comment that "by this way a true kingdom bard could be
chosen" carries the implication that there has been something lacking in or
former Kingdom Bards.  I strongly disagree with that.  Of course I''ve not
been privy to these conversations, and do not know what was said or how it
was said, but if there are those who feel that our Kingdom Bards do not
measure up then I respectfully disagree.  I might even disrespectfully
       Now if Willow de Wisp, Catrin ferch Gwillym, Robin of Gilwell, Cadfin
ap Morgan, Ulf Gunnarsson and Mari ferch Raithin want to thow an event
devoted to Bardic and try a new way to choose our Kingdom Bard I'm down with
that.  They have paid their dues and established their credentials as Bards.
But if a bunch of people who are not active bards, who don't attend our
competitions even if just to listen and who don't think we know what we are
doing, want to come in, take over and show us how to do it right, well I have
a real proublem with that.
       So I guess it would depend on who is wanting to do this and why.  If
it's a bunch of non-bards who think that having a leaf hanging from their
neck entitles them to take over our activity and run it their way, then I'm
libable to get a bit cranky.  If it's being proposed by bards who have paid
their dues and established their credentials, then I ready to listen.

Robert Fitzmorgan

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